Fabricated steel is the new choice of wide range of construction projects. It is the most flexible, stylish and longest lasting of building materials. More and more construction is being carried out using steel as a building material. With superior benefits over other types of materials, steel will shape the future of construction.

From a small garage to a huge sports complex, steel buildings simply cost less than most other types of conventional construction. Steel is used for all types of commercial, industrial, institutional, and agricultural applications. Steel provides high cost-efficiency, making it the most practical of building materials.

SCSG manufactures steel structures for:

SCSG fabricates steel for structures such as apartments, office buildings, hotels, power plants, mining, petrochemical, aviation, and secondary steel products. Some miscellaneous pictures are here:

Anchor Bolts Beams Bracing Columns Connections
Jumbo Sections Stair Components Steel Gratings Steel Joists Truss & Girder
Duct Systems Ladder Platforms Pipe Rack Stair Tower