South China Steel Group is interested in building rewarding relationships. We believe that customer and supplier choose each other based upon a system of merit and integrity. The fundamental expectation of any relationship is to be quite certain of the others performance when it is most critical.

Our group fabricates and supplies steel members for small and large steel framed buildings, such as heavy manufacturing plants, power plants, petrochemical plants, stadiums, auditoriums, high-rise buildings, showrooms, office complexes, etc. We also supply a wide range of custom steel fabrications and small parts fabrication.

SCSG has the organizational ability to handle the planning associated with large projects consisting of multiple erection sequences and manufacturing standards used in large or heavy assemblies. Our group maintains a high level of competence and familiarity with commonly accepted fabrication practices.

Based in mainland China, we are able to serve a diverse customer base in regions that show sustained development in the construction industry and are prone to employ the use of structural steel. We appreciate all opportunities to cooperate, regardless of the size of the client project.