Fabricated steel is the new choice of wide range of construction projects. It is the most flexible, stylish and longest lasting of building materials. More and more construction is being carried out using steel as a building material. With superior benefits over other types of materials, steel will shape the future of construction.

From a small garage to a huge sports complex, steel buildings simply cost less than most other types of conventional construction. Steel is used for all types of commercial, industrial, institutional, and agricultural applications. Steel provides high cost-efficiency, making it the most practical of building materials.

SCSG offers these products and more:

Heavy & Medium Steel Structures

Built-up Members
Fireproof Steel Members
Jumbo Sections
Steel Girders
Structural Beams
Structural Columns

Secondary Steel Structures

Air and Gas Duct Systems for Power Stations and Industrial
Crane Runways
Crane systems
Door Systems for Industry, Aircraft, Commercial, and Residential
Exhaust & Ventilation Structures
Open Web Steel Joists (OWSJ)
Pipe Supports
Piping Systems
Stair Towers
Steel Building Facades
Steel Conduits
Steel Decking
Steel Joists
Storage Tanks
Piping Systems
Steel Conduits

Light Steel Structures

Light Gauge Steel Framing
Metal Building Systems
Pre-fabricated Steel Buildings

Steel Infrastructure

Construction Bridges
M2 Bailey Bridges
Electrical Towers


Custom Sheet & Plate Fabrication
Floor Plates
Anchor Bolts
Stainless Steel Fasteners
Welded Frames
Guard Rails